What is Tonight's Tea?

So here we are! The culmination of several snapchats, instagrams and tweets - #tonightstea has evolved into a blog; born May 2017 and created by me, Josh Gunnell.

My hope is that you can use this site to find the inspiration to avoid a ready meal or takeaway and even add to the recipe rotation in your own kitchen. Sharing is caring after all.

I love cooking. It's nothing like my professional work, which I hasten to add I do very much enjoy. Cooking provides a balance of science and flair which suits my nerdy brain and feeds my creative juices (whilst providing me an opportunity to de-stress and simultaneously catch up on music and podcasts).

I'm also going to share my adventures into other people's kitchens - not just so I can expand my own repertoire but maybe even provide some recommendations should you venture to similar geographies.

I hope you enjoy it, happy cooking - but most importantly happy eating.

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