Happy Bloody New Year

Apparently it is now too late to wish you a happy new year... but all the same, I hope this finds you well as you see the first of the 2018 posts to the #tonightstea blog. After some months off I made a commitment that I would post once a month for 2018, so watch this space for more recipes in due course.

I have, quite extremely, avoided Dry January. As such it is only right that I share a dish that's inspired by a cocktail - and don't worry, it's one where the booze is optional! It's a steak (sorry veggies) and avocado salad, that is complimented by an ever refreshing Bloody Mary style dressing.

The whole dish probably takes about 10 mins to prep and cook., and the above could probably serve 2 as a light salad but I was too hungry to consider saving any for a second portion.

So to start with, what you'll need:
  • 1 medium rump steak (preferably a bit thicker if you like it pink)
  • 1 avocado (cut into whatever chunks you like)
  • 2-3 celery sticks (chopped, but save the prettier ends for your cocktail)
  • A handful of flat leaf parsley (a small handful, but is optional)
  • 150g of cheery or plum tomatoes (quartered)
  • Oil or butter (for cooking the steak)

And, for the dressing:
  • Tomato Juice (50ml)
  • Tabasco (to taste, I use about 5 dashes)
  • Worcestershire Sauce or Henderson's Relish* (again to taste, I use about 5 dashes)
  • Celery salt (a pinch)
  • Black pepper (to taste, a few twists of the grinder)
  • Lemon Juice (a short squeeze, but adding more can also help take spice out if you end up being heavy handed with the Tabasco!)

*shout out to David Bradley who put me onto this northern delicacy! For those not in the know, it's similar to Worcestershire sauce but I think it's a bit richer with tomato flavours so makes a fine alternative in this dish.

I start with the salad prep, which is to chop up the tomatoes, celery and avocado (and parsley if you decide to use it) ready to become the foundations of your dish.

To make the dressing, use a small jar or mixing bowl to bring the ingredients together. at this point, you can add 1 tablespoon of the dressing to your salad and mix gently to get some infused flavours early doors.

Obviously you are at liberty to keep the dressing ingredients out and make a cocktail whilst you are at it. My go to recipe for the cocktail itself is by Jamie Oliver, but everyone will no doubt have their own weights and measures to make it their own signature cocktail!

Once that's done you can heat your frying pan ready to cook the steak. Everyone has their own preferences with regards to cooking steak, for this dish I think it's particularly important that you aim for about Medium-Rare, so for me that's a couple of minutes either side on a high heat, turning twice. Once cooked allow to rest for 3-5 mins and then cut into strips to sit atop of your salad.

Once all of that is on the plate, you can add as much dressing as you like over the dish, and even some of the juices from the frying pan should you wish (if you're feeling particularly indulgent).

Here's a snippet of the chef in action for your enjoyment...

It's quick, refreshing and easy - and a good excuse to have a cocktail too.


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